Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Goal

Hi! My name is Averyana V. and I am trying to inform other kids about oil spills,what they do to the world and how we can help to prevent them.
This website is my attempt at finding and sharing solutions to oil spills by raising awareness.
Together we can take action to protect the people and animals from oil spills.Oil spills are very bad for our world,animals and people so please try to take action and be kind to our world.

How Oil Spills Effect The World

Oil spills effect all of us!They pollute the ocean which effects animals because many animals are killed from them! Oil spills effect humans also because fish and shrimp still have chemicals inside of them then people buy the shrimp and eat it.They could then get very sick,some die! Oil spills also effect our shorelines because when oil spills happen the shore is one of the most effected parts.